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UK Water Projects Virtual Edition

What is a suitable project for UK Water Projects 2017?

The projects should reflect investments by UK Water Companies, the Environment Agency, the Rivers Agency of Northern Ireland and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. Typically, the projects will be those commissioned (or are substantially progressed) between October 2016 and October  2017.

Very large schemes can be featured on multiple occasions as the project develops. A general overview of the whole scheme is recommended along with case studies of specific components of a project, enabling the project to be covered in more details.

Sections & Topics

UK Water Projects will be split into 4 sections. Topics covered (but not limited to) include:



►  Anaerobic digestion

►  Control Systems 

►  CHP

►  Odour Control

►  Gas to Grid

►  Pipelines

►  Hydroelectricity

►  Pumping Stations

►  Solar

►  Screening/Inlet Works

►  Tidal

►  Sewage Treatment

►  Wind

►  Sewer Flood Prevention

►  Sludge Treatment & Disposal

►  Tunnels



►  Protection of Assets

►  Control Systems 

►  River Diversion & Restoration

►  Pipelines

►  Flood Alleviation Schemes

►  Pumping Stations

►  Sea Defences

 Reservoirs & Storage


 Water Treatment

To nominate a project for consideration:

i) Please download and complete a Project Nomination Form

ii) Send it to:

What is a suitable project for UK Water Projects Virtual Edition?

1) As above

2) Individual  components or phases of current UK projects being undertaken by, or for, a UK based Water Company, the Environment Agency, the Rivers Agency of Northern Ireland, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, and (certain/applicable) local authority departments.

3) Follow-up case studies of projects featured in previous editions of UK Water Projects..

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