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Published annually since 1993, UK Water Projects reflects the ongoing investments of the Water Industry throughout the UK, focusing on the ways the Industry is rebuilding the water and wastewater infrastructure into one of the finest and safest water collection, treatment, distribution and wastewater disposal systems in the world.

Each year, UK Water Projects carries 70-75 case studies written by highly qualified professionals, which illustrate the £multi-billion investments of the Water Companies, and covers all aspects of water treatment & supply and wastewater treatment & disposal. The case studies showcase the expertise of the industry's engineers, consultants, contractors and suppliers of equipment, and highlight innovative and compassionate designs as well as the ever developing process options and construction techniques.

Since its inception, UK Water Projects has published over 2,000 case studies. Many of the projects have been £multi-million schemes that service hundreds and thousands of customers. Others are much smaller, servicing rural communities well away from the big cities. But the common denominator is that nearly everyone now benefits from safe, high quality drinking water and a sewerage system that treats and disposes of effluent and storm water according to proven scientific standards.

And the work goes on.

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