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A forward thinking engineering consultancy, Sweco combines a multi-disciplinary approach with access to international expertise to deliver robust and sustainable solutions.

Company Background:
On 1 October 2015, Sweco acquired Grontmij to become Europe’s leading engineering consultancy. With its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and 14,500 employees in Europe, Sweco plans and designs the communities and cities of the future. Each year, Sweco carries out tens of thousands of projects in approximately 70 countries globally. In the UK, Sweco has particular expertise in the fields of energy, transportation, environment, asset management, sustainable buildings and water.

Water expertise:
Sweco’s water specialists are world leaders, meeting increasing demands for drinking water, waste recycling and flood mitigation, through sustainable creative solutions. Our water specialists are outperforming our client’s business plan budgets and tackling embedded/operational carbon footprint targets with the use of innovative and lowest whole of life cost focused solutions. Our commitment is future focused, finding solutions for the future’s challenges, today.

Few consultancies can demonstrate both the track record and multi-disciplinary expertise in the delivery of individual commissions and large capital programmes. We advise clients on all strategic and functional aspects including water quality, water resources, wastewater treatment, sewerage, sludge treatment, energy technologies, pumping stations, water treatment and storage and water networks.

Sweco’s experts have what it takes to handle challenges under evolving circumstances – even as standards rise due to climate change and growing cities. Transforming complexity into simplicity for our customers is among Sweco’s foremost specialties. Within our water business, our breadth of expertise includes change adaptation, energy reduction, renewable energy technologies and increased resilience in the performance and security of critical assets.







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