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APG-Neuros is a manufacturer of High Speed Turbo Blowers used in the Water & Wastewater industry as well as for myriad of industrial applications. The turbo blower is a sustainable product which is energy efficient, has no noise pollution, produces almost no waste, and results in significant reduction in electricity, building, installation and maintenance costs for the end user.

APG-Neuros is a Canadian Company recognized by key engineers and owners as the force behind the successful market introduction of the high speed turbo blower technology in the wastewater treatment market in North America, Europe and the rest of the world. We are an award winning company that strives for continuous technological developments. We own our technological foundation, conducting in-house R&D programs to keep on innovating and improving our products.

Since 2005, we have followed a focused approach for product introduction based on aerospace models. Our approach highlights our technical competency, proven design, high quality components, UL & CSA certification, CE compliance, proximity of customer service and field testing. This focused approach has led to the success of our product and the wide acceptance of the high speed blower technology in the wastewater treatment and industrial sectors worldwide.

Our NX series Turbo Blowers currently achieve the highest installed base of any High Speed Turbo Blowers manufactures, with over 900 units installed and 125 units on order in North America and over 3000 worldwide. Installations to date in the United Kingdom include; Beddington STW with Thames Water, Christchurch STW and Portbury Wharf STW with Wessex Water and Lowestoft STW with Anglian Water, bringing the number of blower packages installed in the UK to ten (10).


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1270 Michele-Bohec

Blainville, Quebec, J7C 5S4


UK Contact: Graham Biggs

Tel: 07415 209390

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