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The Fluid Group

The Fluid Group are specialists in CFD (computational fluid dynamics) for Water, Wastewater, Chemical and Environmental Engineering.

Founded in 2005, we provide state-of-the art, 3D flow modelling from first principles.

In the water sector, CFD modelling is used to optimise the design and operation of mixing tanks, contact tanks, reservoirs, pumping stations, flow splits, filter distribution systems, dissolved air flotation tanks, clarifiers, digesters, inlet works and outfalls... all aspects of water and wastewater treatment, storage and distribution.

From single phase to multiphase simulation with water/air and solids, 3D flow modelling can confirm whether a new engineering design will meet the design objectives, or assist with understanding why an existing plant is failing to perform as expected.




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The Fluid Group
The Magdalen Centre, Robert Robinson Avenue
The Oxford Science Park
Oxford OX4 4GA

Tel: 0845 055 8571
Fax: 0845 055 8572

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