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Pipex px are leaders in the off-site build of civil engineered chambers supplied with optional factory fitted rebar reinforcement. Manufactured from advanced thermoplastic materials, Pipex px chambers are corrosion resistant, fully sealed, fluid and gas tight - the alternative solution to concrete and brick construction.

Pipex px chambers are available in circular or rectangular modular systems for fast track installations in urban areas limiting the need for traffic management and where complex designs prove difficult for traditional build methods. Larger chambers can be supplied in sections for site assembly.

Pipex px have a long history working closely with all the UKs principle water companies, providing fit-for-purpose solutions for modern day construction challenges, these include: Civil engineered chambers, valve chambers, pumping stations, air valve chambers, wash out chambers and manholes. 3D modelling is also available and is not limited to our own product range we can meet your project requirements, with support for your BIM (Building Information Modelling) requirements.

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Pipex px

Pipex House, Devon Enterprise Facility
1 Belliver Way, Roborough
Plymouth PL6 7BP

Tel: 07989 998123

Fax: 01752 581209

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