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Servelec Technologies

Servelec is a market-leading global provider of end-to-end business critical systems. Our solutions deliver efficiency savings for water companies by creating systems to collect, communicate and exploit real-time and historical data.

Our hardware solutions include a wide range of remote telemetry units and loggers which can be used to monitor and control flow, pressure and acoustics. All of our hardware seamlessly interfaces with our market-leading SCADA and telemetry software which provides water companies with continuous monitoring and control of their assets.

Our suite of business optimisation applications have been specifically designed to assist water companies with their clean and wastewater networks, wherever they are on their data journey. Our FlowSure platform is self-learning software which uses real-time sensor data and smart algorithms to automatically identify when a significant burst is about to occur. Miser and OptiMiser are decision-support tools for reducing network operating costs through optimal production planning and pump scheduling, while Pioneer is our browser-based asset management software designed to identify optimal investment plans.

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Servelec Technologies

Rotherside Road

Sheffield S21 4HL

Tel: 01246 437580

Fax: 01246 437401

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