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VESI Environmental Ltd specialises in water and land ecosystem management services. The company has been at the forefront of innovative ‘green and blue’ infrastructural technology - delivering innovative sustainable solutions that are socially, economically and environmentally coherent. VESI and its staff have been pioneers in the development and application of the 'Integrated Constructed Wetland' (ICW) concept for municipal, agricultural and industrial wastewaters, mine drainage and landfill leachate.

VESI’s staff have been lead authors involved the preparation of Government Guidelines for ICW use in Ireland and Scotland. VESI’s special focus on the use of ICW systems is because of the many ecosystem services and functional benefits that they provide for both humans and nature. These include amongst others, their cost effectiveness in the qualitative and quantitative management of water, habitat and biodiversity management, provision of recreation/education facilities and associated enhanced landscape aesthetics.

The ICW concept and its application are supported by more than 70 scientific peer-reviewed journal papers and more than 100 demonstrations where Vesi and its associates have been key contributors. Their work has attracted wide international interest including that from: USA, PR China, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Italy, UK, Belgium and France.

VESI Environmental Ltd has undertaken trials on the use of Integrated Constructed Wetlands on the treatment of various wastewater types. The methodologies used in our trial studies have been further developed demonstrating the strong scientific basis of VESI’s approach to less understood areas of water management especially that of managing emerging contaminants. These and new studies factually demonstrate the widest range of ecosystem benefits accruing from this integrated approach to land and water management, including the capture and retrieval of sequestered phosphorous, nitrogen, heavy metals and carbon, thus explicitly providing multiple functional benefits, rather than just the sole dimension of addressing water quality alone.


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VESI Environmental Ltd

3013 Euro Business Park, Little Island

Cork, Ireland T45 A403

Tel: +353 2143 55912

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