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Addicott Electrics Ltd

ADDICOTT ELECTRICS Ltd specialise in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of Generator sets (up to 2500kw) and their associated control systems. Based at Teignmouth in Devon, the Company has over 30 years experience in the Generator Industry working with Public Utilities, Local Authorities, Hospitals, Police and Fire Services etc .

AEL work with the Client to ensure the Generators selected is best suited to meet Client’s own specification. All generators are constructed ‘in house’ and are of robust construction - and designed for manual, automatic or synchronised operation  adapted  to suit Client own requirements

►  AEL offers a complete 'turnkey' package - supply of equipment, mechanical and electrical installation, commissioning and testing
►  All work is undertaken by Addicott's directly employed skilled electrical and mechanical engineering team.

►  Addicott Electrics Ltd is a full member of AMPS - the Association of Manufacturers of Power Generator sets.

►  AEL also offer full after sales support and maintenance, refurbishment of existing plant and the hire of temporary generators.

For all your ‘Power Generator’ needs contact AEL on 01626 774087

or via e-mail to




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Addicott Electrics Ltd
Quay Rd
Devon TQ14 8EL

Tel: 01626 774087
Fax: 01626 77846

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