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Cadar Ltd

Cadar has firmly established itself within the municipal and industrial water treatment markets as well as the food and chemical industries where liquids require processing through media filters such as ion-exchange resins and carbons.

Now as a well known designer and supplier of filter nozzles and distribution systems, Cadar has used this platform to develop new products and systems. These include the highly successful monolithic cast in place concrete filter floor and more diverse products such as Resin Traps, air scour systems, header & Lateral under drains and spray nozzles.

Whichever the product, Cadar will continue to maintain its reputation for personal services both before and after sales.




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Cadar Ltd
3 The Point Business Park
Rockingham Road, Market Harborough
Leicestershire LE16 7QU

Tel: 01858 410101
Fax: 01858 433934 

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