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Elmo Rietschle

Elmo Rietschle, part of the Gardner Denver Group is a major manufacturer and supplier of compressed air and gas, vacuum pump, blower and fluid transfer technologies to the water and wastewater industries.

Its experienced engineers can assist on the concept design of pumps for the OEM market, right through to system design for end users and custom built packages for central air or vacuum supply.

Additionally, a comprehensive network of workshop and service engineers operates from five key geographical locations, offering 24-hour support and service.

The company has recently added the GBH-8 to its range of side channel blowers designed for use in wastewater purification applications and in the oxygenation of activated sludge tanks.

Compared to a standard blower of similar output, the new GBH-8 is 65% lighter, has a 40% smaller footprint, and offers twice the power. Using techniques such as CFD (computational fluid dynamics), the GBH-8 also offers high performance, with a continuous build-up of pressure.

The unit features rotational speed control for easy setting of the optimal operating point, with pulsation free air supply and low noise levels.

In addition, bearing lifetime in the GBH-8 is 20,000 hours, meaning downtime for maintenance, and the associated costs, are kept to a minimum.




Gardner Denver Ltd
Claybrook Drive
Washford Industrial Estate
Redditch B98 0DS

Tel: 01527 838265
Fax: 01527 527229

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