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Gurney Environmental Ltd

Gurney Environmental is a well established provider of systems and technologies used in the treatment of water and wastewater. From water supply to water re-use, we have designed and developed innovative, low cost and sustainable systems for the water and wastewater industries. Low CAPEX plus low OPEX equals low TOTEX.

True sustainability is the benchmark for success with Gurney Environmental. We offer unique water and wastewater treatment systems, equipment and design including zero-to-low energy www and reservoir destratification systems. Our experience and knowledge of the water and wastewater treatment industries has successfully helped a wide variety of clients including major landowners (such as the Crown Estate) and many of the UKs water utility companies.

Our systems are today recognised internationally with a growing number of foreign municipals. Gurney Environmental has a total commitment to quality. Our systems and solutions represent the finest in long-term value, which is why we place such a strong emphasis on equipment with sturdy construction and fewer moving parts. Our commitment to a low Total Life Cost is a key part of a commitment to quality.




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Gurney Environmental Ltd

1 Bryggen Road
Kings Lynn
Norfolk PE30 2HY

Tel: 01553 776202
Fax: 01553 776335

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