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Hewitech UK

Hewitech UK is an innovator of recycled plastic for a variety of applications from waste water treatment and storm water management, to cooling tower media packs for water treatment. It is an extremely versatile company that makes its own tooling, has 3D design, manufactures the product and completes the cycle with installation on site.

In waste water treatment, Hewitech offers nitrification filters to remove ammonia in municipal waste water and also media for submerged aeration filters (SAF) for building into residential and commercial waste water treatment plants.

The company offers a variety of fill and drift eliminators suitable for all types of natural draught and induced draught cooling towers as used in the energy and water industry, as well as for industrial and HVAC purposes.

Where a project is big enough Hewitech is able to employ one of its specialist machines on site for welding polypropylene filter media modules, this being highly sophisticated and controlled via GPS from the main manufacturing plant in Germany.

Hewitech’s Variobox storm water management attenuation crate is the strongest product in the market at 700KN/m2 vertically and 200KN/m2 laterally, all tested to RAL standards which are currently more stringent than those in the UK.

Variobox units are available in height increments of 50mm from 100mm deep to 600mm deep, thereby offering great flexibility in tank design in terms of getting the flood levels within the tank to fit the optimum drainage levels on site.

The Controlbox is integrated into an attenuation system to offer full access and maintenance via a 500mm channel for jetting manhole to manhole.

Hewitech UK’s key markets are in municipal and industrial waste water, municipal and industrial cooling towers, schools, construction, retail, offices, defence, and housing.




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Hewitech UK

Unit 2 Andoversford Industrial Estate

Andoversford, Cheltenham

Gloucestershire, GL54 4LB

Tel: 01242 821678
Fax: 01242 821510

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