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KEE Process Ltd

The KEE Group of Companies is committed to providing a customised approach to domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater treatment applications.

Its goal is to provide you the very best in total bespoke solutions worldwide from project stage through to operation. This is backed by an experienced team of technicians and engineers offering everything from simple repair through to comprehensive service maintenance contracts and plant operation when required.

The group comprises two principal operating companies:

KEE Process Limited

KEE Services Limited

► Evaluation and Design

► Nationwide regular servicing

► Manufacture and Supply

► Fully integrated plant operation with out-of-hours call centre

► Installation and Commission

► Any type of Plant refurbishment and upgrade

► Worldwide Operation

► Packaged Pumping Stations

► Plant Hire


Wastewater Treatment Solutions include:

Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) 

Settlement Tanks and Packaged Pumping Stations

Wastewater Treatment Systems

Dispersed Air Floatation Systems (DAF)

Submerged Aerated Filters

Fine Bubble Aeration Systems

Activated Sludge Systems


KEE’s quality control standards are of the highest standards. Its technicians and engineers are among the best. Its goal following 50 years of worldwide experience is always to deliver to your full satisfaction.


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KEE Process
College Road North
Aston Clinton, Aylesbury
Buckinghamshire HP22 5EZ

Tel: 01296 634500
Fax: 01296 634501

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