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Paques develops and produces cost-effective water and gas purification systems using innovative biotechnology. These systems offer industries and municipalities added value, such as:

►     savings on water discharge costs

     generation of green energy

     re-use of water

     reclamation of valuable substances from waste water

Paques technologies:

     BIOPAQ®: bacteria convert organic pollutants in industrial wastewater into biogas, which can be reused as (green) energy. With over 850 BIOPAQ® treatment plants installed worldwide, Paques has become worldwide leader in the field of anaerobic purification of industrial effluent.

     ANAMMOX®: efficient and cost effective ammonium removal from waste water. This process uses no chemicals, and compared to conventional processes, and it saves up to 90% energy, while CO2 emissions decrease with 88%.

     THIOPAQ®: innovative and highly reliable process for deep removal of hydrogen sulfide from (bio)gas. It has already successfully been applied in over 90 projects.

     ASTRASAND® and ASTRASEPARATOR®: polishing step for treating water on the basis of physical chemical separation technology, using continuous sand filtration and lamella separators. These techniques can also be used in combination with biological techniques for the removal of nitrogen and both inorganic and organic compounds.

     Paques offers also various technologies for removing inorganic compounds, such as sulphate, nitrate, phosphate and heavy metals.

Paques offers purification processes both as standardised plants or tailor-made solutions to its clients. A network of professional partners and licensees is ensuring that Paques’ knowledge and technology are available internationally.


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Paques bv
P.O. Box 52
8560 AB BALK
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 514 608500
Fax: +31 514 603342 

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