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Pipelife Norge AS

PipeLife International is one of the world's leading suppliers of plastic pipe systems.

The group's Norwegian subsidiary, PipeLife Norge AS from its Stathelle plant has a unique expertise in manufacturing and delivering large diameter HDPE pipes in continuously extruded lengths up to 2,500mm in diameter and 600 metres long.

By sealing off the pipes in both ends with PE end plugs or flange connections, the closed pipe sections can be towed by tugboat to any coastal destination in the Western Hemisphere.

These pipes can be used for many applications, the most common of which is for the construction of marine outfalls for wastewater treatment plants, cooling water intakes & outfalls for power generation and desalination, wind farm cable conduits and land fall conduits.

Advantages of PipeLife's long length concept::

►   No or only very little welding work
►   Low transportation costs
►  Substantial time and cost savings for the contractor, as normally no land based work site and storage area is required
►   Less risk for damages during handling, transport and storage


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Pipelife Norge AS
c/o Mike Stratton & Associates Ltd
Riverside House, 1 Place Farm
Wheathampstead, Herts AL4 8SB

Tel: 07854 473 881

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