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SAM Systems Ltd - Slurry Aeration Management Systems

Established in 1976, SAMS Ltd are the pioneers in homogenous slurry solutions. This low-cost aeration system is designed to maintain stored sludge in a semi-liquid, and hence, pumpable condition, irrespective of the length of the storage period. The system is fully automatic and would typically run for two one-hour periods each day without any need for human intervention.

This system only uses a low energy consumption electric motor and pump, proven electronic solenoid valves and self-closing neoprene outlet valve. All the piping is 1 inch class D upvc which neither corrodes nor degrades. Running costs have been shown by independent evaluation to be as low as 28 pence per day.

SAMS systems have been installed at nearly 40 wastewater treatment sites for Thames Water and Anglian Water including: Reigate, Guildford, Farnham, Fleet, Woking, Aldershot, Dorking, Saffron Waldon and Deeping St James.

The main benefits are:

►  No Crusting

►  No mechanical components in touch with the slurry

►  Low Capital Cost & Low Running Costs

►  Reduces Odour

►  Slurry is maintained in an easy-to-manage, homogenous, state

►  Low Maintenance




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SAM Systems Ltd

Charman House, Garstang Road


Preston PR3 0RA

Tel: 01995 640583

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