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Siltbuster Group

Established for over 10 years, the Siltbuster Group provides rapidly deployable, “modular off the shelf” water treatment solutions to the Construction, Industrial and Municipal Markets, with a client base ranging from the world’s most recognisable multi-national corporations to small enterprises.

Siltbuster Process Solutions Limited (SPS)

SPS provides a wide range of water and wastewater treatment equipment for the Industrial and Municipal Markets, including: packaged lamella Dissolved Ait Flotation (DAF) units, Lamella Clarifiers, packaged Biological Treatment Systems, Oil Water Separators, Pipe Flocculators, Reaction Tanks, and Containerised Dosing Systems.

In the UK, SPS has pioneered the concept of offering this plant through our extensive hire fleet. Approximately 20 major contracts and circa 50 smaller projects are undertaken each year for a diverse range of clients, many of which are some of the UK’s best known companies.

In addition to the Industrial/Municipal Sector, SPS has undertaken a number of Mine Water Treatment Projects in many countries, for example, the UK, Eire, Greece, France, USA, Canada, Australia and Slovakia.

The SPS team pride themselves in their ability to react rapidly and in compliance with the project constraints, delivering mobile or permanent solutions tailored to meet your individual needs.

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Siltbuster Process Solutions Ltd

Unipure House

Wonastow Road West, Monmouth

Monmouthshire, NP25 5JA

Tel: +44(0)1600 772256

Fax: +44(0)1600 775312

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