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Spaans Babcock Ltd

Spaans Babcock was established in 1897 and has been supplying equipment into the water industry since this date. The company are the World’s largest supplier of Archimedes Screws having thousands of screws installed throughout the UK & tens of thousands worldwide.

Additionally the company supply, install and maintain Aeration equipment (Surface & Brush aerators), Screens & screenings handling equipment, a complete range of flow isolation equipment including Penstocks, flap valves and stop-boards.

Over recent years the company has expanded significantly with the addition of Archimedes “Screw generators” to its product range. This is a natural progression for the product which is perfectly suited to low head applications, they offer several advantages over alternative technologies including no requirement for fine screens, fish friendliness, non-blocking and low maintenance due to the simple & robust design. The Screw generator is offered in various alternative designs to suit given site circumstances.

Spaans have agreements in place with many of the UK Water companies & agencies for the design, manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of their equipment.

Centrally based in Heywood, the company offers a full range of services from supply only contracts through to development of complete bespoke packages. Project management is handled by the companies own project teams and the company has its own SHE officer to ensure compliance with the stringent UK requirements. All installation and maintenance work is handled by in house teams of engineers.


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Spaans Babcock Ltd
305 Phoenix Close
Lancashire OL10 2JG

Tel: 01706 627770
Fax: 01706 627771

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