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Tempo PCE

Tempo-PCE specialises in low-pressure grout injection for repairing, strengthening and waterproofing masonry or concrete structures. We also offer standard high-pressure types of grouting, from soil stabilisation to void filling.

Low-pressure injection enables work around existing services and delivers solutions where access is limited. We succeed where traditional work methods are simply not viable. The work can be achieved while the structure is in full use (e.g. a road bridge), drastically reducing costs and disruption to the local community. Usually there is no need to impose traffic restrictions.

Our methods of work are tailored to individual projects, based on specific needs. We mix custom-designed grouts and take into account particular environmental considerations. We are also experienced in the refurbishment of heritage structures, where low pressure injection and bespoke grouts, eg. lime, are particularly advantageous.

Our services cover all stages of a project, from investigative works and feasibility studies through to full project delivery, including reporting, testing and post-repair load assessments. Tempo-PCE is member of Exor Management Services, SAFE-contractor, CHAS and Constructionline.

Advantages of Grout injection:

►   Retaining original appearance of structure
►   Works can be carried out while structure in full use
►   Low pressure process suited to work around existing services
►   Use of low pressure allows saturation of structure
►   [Rigorous testing by extraction of cores and micro bores]
►   [Test results allow engineer’s post-strengthening load assessment]

Overview of Services:

►   Strengthening and Waterproofing
►   Specialist in low-pressure grouting
►   Works on structures in brick, concrete, steel, and hybrids
►   Standard high-pressure grouting
►   General Brick and Concrete repairs
►   Unique methods and processes, developed in-house
►   Detailed reporting and injection maps
►   Highly Skilled in-house team

One of Tempo-PCE’s selling points is our reporting system: We take & record precise information for every hole drilled and injected, creating a detailed map of the structure in the process. These project specific maps form part of our comprehensive reports issued during and after works.


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Tempo PCE

6-7 Neeld Parade
London HA9 6QU

Tel: 020 3794 4325

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