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Process Engineering ►► Enisca Ltd

Enisca Ltd

Enisca is a multi-disciplinary design, engineering and construction business operating in the power and environmental sectors delivering innovative, sustainable and quality solutions for public and private sector clients in these markets.

Enisca has developed and maintained strong partnerships and collaborative relationships in our industry. Our focus on safety, our customers’ needs, programme, cost and the efficiency of project delivery support our key objective of ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

Design & Construct
Our experienced and skilled engineering teams work in partnership with our clients and related stakeholders from an optioneering stage through the cycle of design, construction, commissioning, training and handover to the aftercare of asset operation and maintenance.

►  Process & MEICA design services
►  Feasibility Studies and Site Surveys
►  Carbon/Energy and Whole Life Cost assessment
►  Water Treatment & Pumping
►  Wastewater Treatment & Pumping
►  Industrial Effluent Treatment
►  Process Plant & Controls
►  Turnkey Mechanical & Electrical installation

Commissioning and Training
Our experienced skilled commissioning engineers (process, mechanical and electrical/control systems) endeavour to provide clients with a seamless, trouble free handover of completed projects from pre-commissioning through to process proving and training of operators.

Power, Control & Automation
Enisca Automation is the motor control centre and control systems integration division of Enisca. Enisca Automation provides a range of power distribution, control and automation solutions to a range of public, commercial and industrial clients. The Automation Division is TickIT accredited and our engineers work in partnership with our clients through the cycle of design, manufacture, commissioning, training and handover. Enisca Automation aftercare provision includes planned maintenance and service with emergency callout.

►  MCC Manufactured Solutions to Form 2 and Form 4
►  ICA, SCADA, HMI and Systems Integration
►  G5/4 Harmonic Studies and Reports
►  Power Factor Correction and Surge Protection
►  Thermographic Surveys
►  Certified Profibus Design & installation

Enisca Automation customers include a range of engineering & building services contractors, commercial and industrial business clients. Utilizing fully automated design, materials management, assembly and testing processes Enisca can supply product in compliance with the rigorous standards set out in BS EN 60439-1:1999 for low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies, all products are fully CE certified.

Process Plant
The in-house capabilities of our business set us apart. With the process, civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering skills of our people we design and construct turnkey water and wastewater treatment and pumping solutions. In-house we design and manufacture water and wastewater process plant that can be incorporated into overall solutions. Our Power, Control and Automation division designs, builds and commissions the motor control centres, automation software and SCADA systems that control our plants.

►  Package Treatment Plants – Wastewater treatment for Municipal & Industrial applications
►  Package Treatment Plants – Potable Water applications
►  Process Plant Manufacture
►  Screens
►  Scraper Bridges
►  Picket Fence Thickeners
►  Package DAF Plants
►  Package Pumping Stations and Booster Sets
►  Chemical Dosing Plants
►  Stormwater attenuation and pumping
►  Sampling & recording

Operation & Maintenance
Our operations and service engineers provide Operation, Maintenance, Service and Callout support. We have a strong, resourceful team to manage utility and industrial process plant installations.

The Enisca Automation aftercare provision, includes planned maintenance and service with emergency callout.


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Enisca Ltd
Derryloran Industrial Estate


Co Tyrone BT80 9LU

Tel: 0288 676 1277
Fax: 0288 676 7736

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