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(SW) Industrial Valves Services Ltd

IVS has been established for more than 25 years in supplying the major Utilities, Petrochem, Refineries, and Process Industries etc; with Valve Reconditioning / Testing Service at our Workshops and at sites throughout the UK and Ireland.

As well as approvals by our customers, IVS operates a quality management system to BS EN ISO 9001:2000

Our Quality system approvals have now been augmented by ASME CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORISATION "UV" [assembly of Farris pressure relief valves] and THE NATIONAL BOARD OF PRESSURE VESSEL INSPECTORS CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORISATION "NB" [devices manufactured, assembled and stamped within the following construction codes] ASME section VIII, DIVISION 1 "UV" STAMP

Farris Fast Centre.
Our skilled engineers can carry out a comprehensive overhaul of any valve type. We will strip down and rebuild a valve returning it to a specification equal to or higher than that of a new unit.

Reconditioning - the best insurance against failure: Valve Failure is the cause of millions of pounds worth of lost production every year. Yet planned programme of valve reconditioning could virtually eliminate this costly, inefficient and potentially hazardous problem.

Fast Reaction - to minimise disruption: Planned maintenance is obviously the most efficient way to avoid disruption to your plant. However, sudden breakdowns will always occur. IVS response teams are on 24 hour call out, and will work around the clock when necessary to get your plant operational.

Alternatively: Faulty valves may be removed for complete reconditioning and testing in our workshops before reinstating in line


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(SW) Industrial Valves Services Ltd
Swansea West Industrial Park
Swansea SA5 4DH

Tel: 01792 580260
Fax: 01792 579685

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