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One of Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of drainage solutions, Kijlstra turned the UK construction materials sector on its head when it launched here in 2010.

The first of its products to make its presence felt was a revolutionary pre-cast carbon-neutral square concrete manhole that can typically be installed up to 16 times quicker than traditional systems on standard units.

The system combines a perfect finish that gives a 120-year design life with super-easy installation, by just a couple of men and an excavator in 30 minutes compared to the one to two days it takes on average to install traditional round manholes.

Since 2010 Kijlstra has also introduced in the UK other innovative but also reliable solutions including headwalls, drawpits, pipes, fully fitted pumping stations and CSO structures, all proven over several decades in the extreme conditions experienced throughout the Netherlands.

These products and systems have been supplied to numerous high-profile UK projects including producing the largest precast detention tank in the UK for United Utilities (measuring 140m by 43m), Medmerry sea defence scheme, plus the A1M upgrade (1,000 units), Heysham to M6 and Port Talbot to M4 link roads, Manchester Metro Link, London Gateway, Church Village bypass in Rhondda Cynon Taf, South Wales, and the £56.7 million St Clears to Red Roses trunk road improvement in Carmarthenshire

And in early 2015 Kijlstra opened its own UK production facility, at Henlade in Somerset.

As part of its drive to bring new levels of service to the construction sector, Kijlstra has forged strategic partnerships with its sister companies and other manufacturers in the UK to offer a complete design and supply concept to the UK construction sector.

This has already proved hugely successful, with Kijlstra achieving huge cost savings and environmental benefits for clients through expert analysis and design which allow the client to deliver on time and within budget.


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