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Process Plant & Equipment

►  Access Systems

►  Aeration Systems

►  Anaerobic Digestion

►  Belt Presses

►  Biogas Desulphurisation

►  Biological Treatment

►  Boiler Houses

►  Centrifuges

►  Chemical Dosing & Disinfection

►  Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

►  Coatings (tanks, pipes etc)

►  Compressors & Blowers

►  Concrete - Insitu

►  Concrete - Precast

►  Control Systems & Automation

►  Conveyors

►  Corrosion Control

►  Decanters

►  Dewatering

►  Digester Dewatering Liquor Treatment

►  Disinfection & Chemical Dosing

►  Filter Media

►  Filter Nozzles

►  Filters & Filtration Systems

►  Flood Protection & Prevention

►  Flow Metering

►  Flow Regulators & Flow Controls

►  Gas Pipelines

►  Generators

►  Grit & Silt Removal

►  Health & Safety Equipment

►  Heat Exchangers

►  HVAC & Ventilation

►  HV Electrical Equipment

►  Hydropower

►  Instruments

►  Kiosks & Enclosures

►  Lifting Equipment & Cranes

►  Materials Handling

►  Membranes

►  Mixers

►  Motors, Drives & Turbines

►  Odour Control

►  Pipe Fittings & Connectors

►  Pipes

►  Power Generation Equipment

►  Pumps

►  Rainwater Harvesting

►  Refurbishment

►  Rotating Biological Contactors

►  Scrapers

►  Screenings Handling

►  Screens

►  Screw Generators

►  Security Products
►  Shoring & Excavation Support

►  Sludge Handling Systems

►  Sludge Treatment Systems

►  Software

►  Stainless Steel

►  Storm Tank & Sewer Cleaning Systems

►  Surge Control

►  Tank Maintenance & Repair

►  Tanks & Tank Covers

►  Tunnel Boring Machines

►  UV Equipment & Systems

►  Valves, Actuators and Controls

►  Ventilation & HVAC

►  Waste to Energy Systems

►  Wastewater Package Treatment Plant

►  Wastewater Treatment Systems

►  Water Treatment Systems

Process Plant & Equipment

Control Systems & Automation

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Whether your electrical project is large or small, straightforward or complex, Cema Ltd's in-house, full-service electrical capabilities are at your service. We offer the full scope of operations required of a multi-disciplinary Electrical Design and Construct Contractor.

Our core skills, experience and proven track record enable us to work across a wide range of industry groupings and clients. It also enables us to undertake work in difficult conditions, and constrained operational sites. Our approach is to whenever possible, work with clients to develop schemes from their interception which maximises our ability to add value though, expertise, innovation or value engineering.

With our complete project lifecycle capabilities, we plan, design, build, upgrade, expand, modernize, renovate, optimize, and operate infrastructure and facilities. When your assets reach the end of their useful life, we can decommission, decontaminate, and remove them, restoring the environment for new uses. From the outset, we use our lifecycle knowledge and experience to integrate safety, constructability, operations and maintenance, and other important elements into each project.   As a result, we endeavour to increase efficiency, reduce project timescale, resolve client's concerns, reduce complex project delivery issues, implement first-generation technologies, maximize scope within cost constraints, and create lifetime value to your project.

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