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►  Chemical Dosing & Disinfection

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►  Dewatering

►  Digester Dewatering Liquor Treatment

►  Disinfection & Chemical Dosing

►  Filter Media

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►  Flood Protection & Prevention

►  Flow Metering

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►  Shoring & Excavation Support

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►  Valves, Actuators and Controls

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►  Wastewater Treatment Systems

►  Water Treatment Systems

Process Plant & Equipment

Shoring & Excavation Support

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MGF Trench Construction Systems Ltd

MGF is a privately owned independent company specialising in the supply of excavation support equipment to the construction industry. We provide a comprehensive range of excavation shoring equipment our focus being to deliver exceptional service based on engineered solutions, innovation and committed people. The UK Water Industry provides MGF’s primary market where we have an extensive trading history of service provision.

Our product range includes:

►   Box Systems – Trench Boxes, Manhole Boxes, Drag Boxes
►   Modular Hydraulic Bracing Systems
►   Trench Sheets, Sheet Piles and Guide Frames
►   Pipe and Culvert Pullers
►   Bespoke Manufactured Structural Frames and Props
►   Safety Products for Working at Height and Confined Spaces

Key features of MGF’s business are:

  • We design, develop and manufacture our entire range of shoring equipment in-house, providing in-depth product knowledge, flexibility to meet demand and the ability to undertake bespoke manufactured to meet customer requirements.

  • We operate our own transport fleet yielding the benefit of logistical control of our operations with maximum flexibility. This is of particular value to customers in the fast-paced reactive sector.

  • We are strong in Design & Engineering our aim being to provide risk managed, value driven solutions to customers. Coupled with our experienced Technical Sales Team we provide a truly comprehensive service and exceptional customer support.

  • We employ over 250 personnel and with our policy of direct employment and substantial investment in training we ensure that our staffs have the knowledge and expertise necessary in this specialist sector.

  • We provide national coverage through our network of 7 Hires Centres where experienced hire desk staff are the focal point for provision of service to customers. Key features of our Hire Centres are extensive fleet stock, modern handling equipment and dedicated transport ensuring operational efficiency. Quality of product is ensured through high pressure washing facilities, repair workshops and painting facilities. Sales and aftercare support are delivered through our experienced Technical Sales Team.

  • Our Head office at Wigan, Lancashire provides logistical support and is the centre for our Manufacturing Operation, Design and Engineering Department and Capital Sales division.
    Online account management is available to customers through MGF ExtraNET.

  • Our Safety, Quality and Environment Management Systems are accredited to National and International Standards.

Full details of MGF service provision can be found on our website where you can also view project case studies.




MGF Trench Construction Systems Ltd

Tempo PCE


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