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Isle of Man Water and Sewerage Authority

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The Isle of Man Water & Sewerage Authority's mission is to provide the island's residents and visitors with a safe, reliable and high quality water supply, an effective and efficient sewerage and sewage treatment infrastructure, and to act as the flood risk management authority for the Island. Each year the Authority collects, treats, stores and distributes over 9,500 million litres of water. The Authority operates 2 water treatment works (Douglas and Sulby), 10 upland impounding reservoirs, numerous treated water service reservoirs, 66km of raw water mains and 1,500km of treated water mains. In addition to pumping stations at the WTWs, there are 13 other pumping stations within the distribution system.


Use the links below to view the case studies detailing the Isle of Man Water projects featured in the UK Water Projects publication since 2002

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